Top 4x4 Motorhomes

One advantage of buying a motorhome is that the trailer and vehicle is one unit. Passengers can easily walk to the back without having to stop. If there are children in the family, you can keep an eye on them and keep the driver company at the same time. If that motorhome is a 4X4, there are even more advantages since you don't have to worry about the type of terrain.

4X4 Motor Home Producers

Xplorer Motor Homes produces a series of motor homes, which are currently on the market. The Xplorer Xcursion F550 is very popular among consumers. This 4X4 motorhome features a slideout of 74 inches in length. Materials used include molded fiberglass on the body and aluminum for the inner cage as well as urethane foam insulation. If you prefer to have your 4X4 motorhome custom made, you can choose from a list of features and specifications.

The Xplorer Xcursion with True 6X6 Conversion is another model in this series. This model's popularity is rapidly growing in the UK and throughout the United States. The third model in the series is the Sprinter Xplorer Xtreme 350. It comes with a turbocharged diesel engine and a five gear automatic transmission. A big plus for this model is that you can expect an average of 22 miles per gallon from an approximately 26-gallon tank.

Provan Industries is another example of 4X4 motorhome producers. This producer puts out the Tiger CX, which is available on the 3500HD Chevrolet or on the F350 Ford Truck chassis. Features include towing capacity, easy handling, and the ability to navigate on any terrain.

4X4 Motor Home Conversion

There are many benefits for converting your motorhome into a 4X4 motorhome. One advantage is that you can enjoy your motorhome all year round. You can take a family vacation in the winter and then use it in the summer to spend time at the beach. A motorhome conversion gives you the opportunity to get your money's worth.

A company that makes such conversions possible is Salem Kroger. Although the majority of their work is on Ford Motor vehicles, they'll work on any make of vehicles. The average turnaround time is between 3 and 6 weeks. They can make special arrangements if you need your conversion sooner.

Uses for 4X4 Motorhomes

People normally think of senior citizens when they hear the term motorhome. Although it's true that senior citizens are often seen traveling in a motor home or parked at a recreational park, they are not the only ones that can benefit from buying a motorhome. Families with young children often enjoy spending time at camping grounds while in the comfort of their motor home. Other persons may travel in their motorhome to spend time with relatives. The uses are unlimited. If you're planning to buy a motor home, you'll be sure to have many opportunities to get your money's worth.

Tips for Buying a 4X4 Motor home

It's important to determine what you can afford to spend on your motor home. It's easy to fall in love with one, but if it's not within your budget, it could cause more heartache than enjoyment. Take into consideration the running expenses, for example, insurance, maintaining and servicing it, as well as fuel economy.

If you determine that your budget allows you to buy a used motorhome, make sure to check the overall condition. This would include the engine, seals, and rims as well as the mileage. Don't forget to check underneath and examine the chassis. Interior areas for concern are the carpet, handles, and upholstery. On the home's exterior, you should check for any scrapes, cracks, and the seals and rims. Remember to check all gas and electrical components and appliances to ensure that they're in good working condition.

Keep in mind that everything is reduced in a motorhome, the bathroom, shower, and kitchen. Before you spend your money, make sure that you'll enjoy spending time in your new motorhome. Otherwise, it will just sit there and you would have wasted your money.

You may decide that you'd rather lease or rent a motorhome. At websites like leasetips.com, you can find information about leasing, quotes, and on how to avoid leasing fraud. Another helpful site is NationalCarRental.com.

Places to Buy, Sell, or Trade a 4X4 Motorhome

Kijiji Free Local Classifieds is a great online resource to post ads if you need to buy or sell a motorhome. You will also find a discussion board where you can ask questions or learn from other consumer's experience. Another fantastic resource where you can find motorhomes for sale is RV.Net.com. Their search tool allows you to reach more than 3 million shoppers per month. This site also contains a forum that you can join and participate in or simply read the posts. Other features include tips on planning a trip and clubs and services. Finally, the Artmam.net website is a third resource for motorhome enthusiasts. Here you can find an international directory to list motorhomes for rent, sale, or wanted ads.

People in all age groups can find reasons to use a 4X4 motorhome. However, since it's a considerable investment, take your time to do your research. Take advantage of all the resources mentioned above. Above all, look at your budget before you make a decision. Staying within your budget is of utmost importance to fully enjoy your motorhome once you buy it.

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